Designer, Developer, Maker
I launch products that empower and inspire. I've worked as a developer and as a designer, and I have the vision and experience to bridge the gaps between tech, design, marketing, and analytics.

I'm currently launching new digital experiences to help close the gender achievement gap at Ellevate Network and dreaming up my next DIY project.
Product Lead
@ Ellevate Network
Managing product strategy, roadmap, design, and user experience for our online experience.
As a member of an agile team, I wear many hats; I own our short and long-term product roadmap, user interface and experience design, usage, retention, and revenue KPIs, strategic SEO, and key marketing campaigns. In the last year, we've refocused our efforts on creating a better professional network for women, relaunching both our B to C acquisition funnel, much of our core member functionality and our marketing communication structures.
Lead Software and Product Engineer
@ Next Jump
Working to improve how companies manage perks, benefits, and culture for their employees.
I joined Next Jump as a software engineer fresh out of college in 2010, and in five years I grew and did more than I thought was possible, from launching e-commerce products to a millions of employees to leading workshops with Whole Foods and Pfizer on their corporate culture.

My role spanned product manager, engineering manager, user experience designer, and corporate culture ambassador. My team wass responsible for the core shopping experience of Corporate Perks, an e-commerce marketplace handling over two billion in annual sales.
Left to my own devices, you're likely to find me launching a new side project, experimenting with the possibilities behind different products and platforms - usually with a coffee in hand and the Food Network on in the background.

I've built MYDIY, a platform to help makers order customized DIY supply kits from their favorite blogs; Modern Campcraft, an Etsy Store for my own crafts and quilting, and most recently The Low Calorie Life, a food blog and companion Instagram account.